Sunday, August 16, 2015

On A Pigs Back...

The strange sight of a seagull riding on a pigs back while it swims in the crystal clear waters off the secluded island of Big Major Cay in the Bahamas. Around twenty of the swimming porkers make their home on a beach
the locals call Pig Beach.
There's a baby turtle on a bullfrogs back, a couple of frogs who were playing 'leap frog' when one forgot how to do it or had other ideas. A brave little bee lands on a lizard's head. Watch out for his tongue little bee. A blackbird on the back of a red tailed hawk, a lazy damselfly on a swimming grass snake, a preying mantis dancing on a snail, a frog wondering if it would be quicker to get off the snail and walk, a brown noddy atop a pelican and a flying frog telling the wood boring beetle to get a move along.
There's more here.
Photographers at the right place
at the right time... 


  1. New title for this entry: "Up Heron-scope!"

  2. Beautiful aren't they. I particularly like the last one. That title frog looks very pleased with itself! A sort of Yeeehaa moment!

  3. I admire the photographers that have patience to make the fantastic photoes of animals. I haven't. The photo with the dragonfly and the snake is my favorite because of the combination of colours and the lines.

  4. The feral hog we had here could't swim. It got too fat and when it slid into one of my ponds, its belly fat made it turn upside down and it drowned.

  5. Joel, I think you're right. It sort of reminds me of Mr. Toad in one of his motorcars.

  6. Mass transportation as resolved in the animal kingdom. Very intelligent aren't they?