Monday, August 31, 2015

Usain Bolt Tells The Secret Of How To Run One Hundred Meters in 9.79 Seconds...

Usain Bolt is the world's fastest runner.
On August 23 at the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing the twenty nine year old Jamaican won the men's 100m final of the World Athletics Championship in a time of 9.79 seconds.
It wasn't as fast as his seriously fast 9.69 second win in 2008 but hey, it's still really quite speedy.
Having a drink with him after the race I asked him the secret to running so fast.
Lowering his voice he leaned forward in an almost conspiratorial manner, looked me in the eye and said Keith, you have to move your feet very very quickly.
Wow! Such a simple concept.
A secret of the universe was now revealed.
All I could do was nod slowly,...


  1. Hey Keith, I get a belly laugh from that.
    The question I want to ask you is " have you let Usain Bolt know that he has given you this very important secret, and that it is now up on the web for all runners World wide to see?"

    1. He understood that he was giving the world a great gift Jennybee, yes...

  2. Wow, what a revelation! Luckily, he will never have to worry about me as an opponent. I'm happy if I can move my feet at all which keeps me in the race anyway. The human race that is.

    1. The human race is the only one to worry about Suzy, it's not in good shape and may not last the distance...