Thursday, August 6, 2015

Let's Meet For Dinner...

I do enjoy eating out.
As much as I like preparing delicious food in the galley of The Flying Tortoise, the pleasure of finding a new local restaurant with wonderful cuisine and views to equal those that I'm used to, is a delightful experience.
So I thought we, yes, you and I could meet up at The Rock, a little restaurant famous for its seafood and its location.
Zanzibar's 'The Rock' is perched high on a rock on the edge of the Indian Ocean.
At low tide you can walk from the beach to the evidently amazing eating experience without getting your feet wet. I haven't made a reservation yet but let me know if you'd like to come. It's my treat...


  1. I know a young girl, Victoria. She has just returned to Denmark after four months in Zanzibar. This stay has quite changed her attitude to life.
    I have never been in Zanzibar. So why not start with a delicious dinner on the restaurant with a fantastic view?

  2. I'll meet you there -a free lunch is a free lunch.

  3. Thank you for your dinner invitation. I'd love to have dinner in Zanzibar. The Rock sounds the perfect place and I see crayfish on the menu... My favourite.