Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bad Weather Forces Sonya To Abandon Her Attempted Six Thousand Kilometer Row Across The Pacific...

Sonya Baumstein from Florida had to send out a distress call on June 13 and was rescued just a week after leaving a marina in Chosi, Japan,  attempting to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific.
She was trying to cross the 6,000k to San Francisco by September.
This lady is no stranger to adventure.
She trained for three years to row her little 23ft Icha all that way.
Prior to that, she'd kayaked from Washington State to Alaska and standup paddle-boarded across the 85k wide Bering Strait.
It was always a big ask Sonya and hopefully you'll succeed next time.
If you can dream it, you can do it...


  1. Wow, what a brave and tough and skilled woman.
    It is true, "If you can dream it you can do it"
    I'm sure she will do it some time.
    The Stand up Padle board across the Bering Strait is an amazing achievement.
    All power to her....Jennybee

  2. This month there have been quite a few people rowing from Port Townsend, Washington all the way to Ketchikan, Alaska. The race is just about over, only a few days left for anyone to finish it. A neighbor on our dock was the captain of the winning sailboat. Rule was...no motor on any boat but any kind of boat could enter including sailboat, kayak, canoe or rowing boat. Theme was...its not about the money. website makes for great reading http://r2ak.com/

  3. I've never made an ocean crossing (except on commercial airliners), but I've read about them. Big waves can be very, very scary. It's extremely brave to attempt a solo crossing.

    It's a good thing we've got marine radio and rescue vessels. Joshua Slocum wasn't so lucky.

  4. Jeez Louise...I'd need to fill the boat with Gravol !!
    Not to mention
    + Food
    + Fresh water
    + Where does she poop?
    + Does she throw it over-board?

  5. Roz Savage (yes, great name) rowed the Atlantic, I have no doubt Sonya can do the Pacific! Roz is a fascinating person and kept in touch with her fans much of the way via her support crew. Great story worth reading about (including the poop question!).

  6. No kilometers at sea-only nautical miles, which are one minute of Latitude.

  7. I saw a lot of people saying disparaging remarks about her on popular sites. Seemed mostly related to her "chubbiness". I certainly respect her accomplishments and abilities. Hope she tries again and has success!!