Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are Queen Elizabeth And Prince Philip Really Gettng Ready To Go Motorhoming...

Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip took a ride in a White Tupperware Container on Wheels recently adding speculation to the idea that they are looking to get away from it all at Buck House on weekends to join thousands of other Grey Nomads, freedom camping
around the Europe and the UK.
They were impressed with the layout of the motorhome which managing director at Baileys Caravans in Bristol said was Fit For A Queen.
The Queen was interested in whether there was a room for the corgis and the ever so funny Prince Philip couldn't resist comparing the top of the line motorhome with some horseboxes
he'd designed...


  1. I love it when her dressers put our little Queen in pink. She looks so cute.
    Prince Philip looks as if he really needs to get away from it all. I do hope the Queen buys the Camper for him for his birthday, and lets him take her away with him to a forgotten forest somewhere, where they can just blob out for a little while.....Jennybee

  2. Don't they have full size motorhomes over there, you know, like my diesel pusher?

  3. With all those graphics on them they look more like margarine tubs than Tupperware tubs.

  4. Tupperware...margarine containers..."you people" need to lighten up!! Okay maybe not. They are pretty ghastly. I saw a sand-coloured one (on-line) recently--and that alone made SUCH a difference! :-)