Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pro Snowboarder Mike Basich And His Really Rustic Tiny Home On Wheels...

Snow is in Mike Basich's blood.
It's part of his DNA. It's his life.
He and his girlfriend don't have the time or the inclination for much else.
But they do like to be warm, dry and cosy after a day playing on the white stuff.
They built this very rustic tiny house on wheels in about three weeks. There wasn't time to waste.
What the hell are you waiting for...


  1. I love that young couple's pluck.
    Not quite warm enough for me for in the snow.
    No insulation around the Potbellie, and no curtains on the many windows. Brrr.
    Still, they are young, and will be up and out early each day, so no time to feel the cold I guess.
    My first boyfriend was a Rabiter and Deer culler etc and lived in a trailer made from a corrugated iron tank on it's side.
    He towwed it with his Ford Coupe car.
    He had a potbellie too. and lots of Tartan woollen rugs on his bunk.
    He played the violin and toted it up mountains and we sang on the tops around Queenstown in the snow.
    Wish I had photos!....Jennybee

  2. Maybe when I was younger, in fact the colder it was and the deeper the snow was when I loved to be out in it. Blizzards were my favorite. Now I live in Texas and haven't seen snow for a few years. Probably couldn't take the cold now that I am an old man.

  3. Have just finished installing a coal range in our truck. Is amazing what a difference it has made. Would rather live in our humble home than in a palatial palace. Bring on winter.