Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Generous Chinese Businessman Li Jinyuan Has Just Taken 6,400 Of His Staff On An All Expenses Paid Holiday To France...

It matters not that Li Jinyuan is a billionaire,
there are plenty of those but not that many with this sort of  generosity.
Wouldn't it be wonderful though.
Li Jinyuan, the CEO of Tiens Group Company has just spent twenty four million dollars to give his staff the trip of a lifetime and four days in France they will never forget. He booked 7,600 tickets on the French hi-speed TGV trains to take his workers to the south coast and reserved 4,760 rooms in four and five star hotels in Cannes and Monaco. All to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his company.
Thankyou Li Jinyuan. You've shown us there is something other than greed in the world...


  1. I guess there is still hope in this dog eat dog world.

  2. Warms the heart that people like that exist. This vacation will be one of the best stories the recipients will be telling even their great-grandchildren. Blessings on Li Jinyuan. If people spent more time giving to others then war could become obsolete.