Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This Immaculately Restored 1949 Bedford Housebus Is Part Of New Zealand's History...

This immaculately restored 1949 Bedford Housebus has been part of New Zealand's motoring history.
She's the only one of her kind.
Her body was purpose built to become
Auckland City's first ever mobile library and served the area for thirty five years.
Retired from her working life in 1985, she was then purchased by a Bedford lover who has over the years restored her to a very high standard. She's been used as a motorhome ever since. The interior design leaves a bit to be desired but she's now for sale. The price NZ$65,000. There's more details about this remarkable
old lady here. Nice One A...


  1. Many of those old Bedfords are butt-fugly to my eye, but this one at least has some exterior appeal.

    I don't see what your complaint about the interior is. The conversion to motorhome looks to have kept much of the original woodwork and was completed with an eye towards keeping the shelves and design elements of the bookmobile it started out as. About the only thing I see missing is a wood stove.

    1. I can't find any reference to a double bed or a toilet or shower. I prefer a more open layout and yes, a wood stove would be a must for me too...

  2. Why is it that all the good stuff is in New Zealand? What a beauty!

  3. magnifique motorisé qui a une très belle histoire a raconté !!!