Tuesday, June 2, 2015

If You're Thinking Of Converting a Van Into a Tiny Living Space on Wheels, Have A Look At These Great Storage Drawers And Sleeping Platform...

If you're thinking of converting a work van
into a tiny living space on wheels, and who isn't, have a look at these beautifully conceived and constructed storage drawers
and sleeping platform.
If you can dream it you can do it.
Sleep on it...


  1. Well... I am one person who is not dreaming of converting a work van into a tiny living space on wheels. Well done Doug, you obviously have the talents needed to do this. I hope it made you and your wife's trip to Alaska pleasurable.
    I think it would be wonderful to have these 'build it yourself' talents and really envy you, but I don't have those talents. I have talents for other things, one of them is writing comments on various blogs of which The Flying Tortoise is one. I wonder where he's flying to today? I wonder what he might build today?

    1. TFT is flying around Kaitaia in New Zealand's Far North looking for more wonderful places to land. And build a future...

  2. The storage drawers are cleverly designed, but for a claustrophobic like myself they subtract too much headroom from the sleeping space. I'd either make them less deep, or would have to start with a taller interior.


  3. This appears to be a pick-up truck rather than a van. Something like this in a van should give more headroom.