Monday, June 8, 2015

Dame Judi Dench And Others Get Naked For Fishlove And Today's World Oceans Day...

The fabulous eighty year old Dame Judi Dench joined by many others including Helena Bonham Carter, Julie Christie, Fiona Shaw, Lenny Henny, Lizzy Jagger, Richard Bronson et al, got naked recently in order to bring attention to the plight of the world's oceans and Fishlove, the global movement behind the campaign highlighting the devastation caused by greed and the over-fishing of the world's oceans.
Today is World Oceans Day and if you're planning on buying fish for dinner, Fishlove would really appreciate you purchasing only a sustainable variety.
Greed is destroying our world...


  1. that, my friend, must of been ONE SMELLY AFFAIR.


  2. What a beautiful gallery of beautifl people and beautiful fish.
    I don't think Fish as an accessory will catch on though.
    But the plight of our Oceans is a very real one.
    I think Trawlers and Whale ships should be banned.
    They are trashing the habitat of the fish that not only feed us but contribute to at least 80% of the ozone layer which makes it possible for us to breathe.
    Antarctica and The Barrier Reef are in grave danger right now.
    I'd wear fish too, if it would help to save these essential components of our survival...Jennybee

  3. That's no fish story but the naked truth of how some are destroying our oceans and the life within. I fear though, that the guilty are oblivious of any such thing.

  4. So they killed a bunch of fish for a photo opp. Typical gliterotty.

    And nobody will pay any attention. I bet they didn't even the fish. What a waste.

    1. I have a feeling Wade that rather than be criticised for doing what you are suggesting, they would have used fish that was available and already dead. And perhaps someone did eat them...

    2. I have it on good authority that all of the fish depicted were professional models who donated their services to the cause, after which they returned to their swank Soho condos for a quick drink.

    3. Sounds a bit fishy to me Mr Salmonella...

  5. Dude, that is wrong on so many levels....

    But don't worry, I had Mexican for dinner this evening. As far as I know, they aren't endangered yet.

  6. Fishlove? More like Fish porn.....

  7. I would have liked to be the photographer in this event. The photoes are wonderful, and I like to see it's possible to be a model even when you are 80 like Judi Dench. She is beautiful - as life is. I see in her eyes the humour she use to put attention to this serious matter.