Monday, June 1, 2015

A White Cop Stands On A Car Bonnet. He Shoots Fifteen Bullets Through The Windscreen. The Unarmed Black Couple In The Car Die. The Cop Is Charged With Manslaughter And Acquitted...

Back in 2012, Black Cleveland couple Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams' 1979 Chevy Malibu backfired while they were driving past police headquarters. Police thought it was a gun shot. Moments later thirteen policemen were shooting and chasing the car. In the next twenty two minutes, one hundred and four police in sixty two cars had chased the Chevy nineteen miles at speeds of up to 100mph. They had fired one hundred and thirty seven bullets at the car. Seconds after they ceased firing and the Chevy stopped moving, Officer Brelo jumped up onto the offending car's bonnet and in just over seven seconds, fired fifteen bullets through the windscreen citing self defense.
The unarmed occupants of the car were pronounced dead at the scene.
Michael Brelo, the only policeman held to account was charged with manslaughter.
He was acquitted because the judge said there was no way of knowing if the shots Brelo had fired were the fatal ones.
Justice in America...


  1. This too is the face of America that outsiders usually don't see or don't want to see. Most are blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes and the lure of affluence one might attain living in the "Land of Opportunity" and "Equality". It's doubtful that the friends and relatives of the deceased couple will see America as giving them either.

  2. Justice in America is one thing and hardly understandable for people from other countries. But I believe America is sick. A sick country containing a sick cultur where you are born with the right to kill - in the name of God. Where you have the right to shoot first and ask and think afterwards. This philosophy shows a deep contemt of the precious life og humans.
    The policemen in such an environment is not easy. And todays story shows how horribly bad things can end up.

    1. The US Police have shot and killed 385 people in the first five months of this year. A rate of more than two a day. Only in three of the fatal shootings has an officer been charged with a crime...

  3. This represents the injustice and insanity of the state of the world today, in all countries and nations in different ways. I have been in America, in New York, and found the fear of the people, fear of each other and guns and getting shot, and the emotionalism of the police. I went to a baseball game, it was very windy, the lamp posts swayed in the wind but according to the police they were going to endanger the crowd who were herded with many guns and much hysteria to supposedly safer ground. I find America a bizarre place. The police shooting a few blacks, sounds like all in a days work.

  4. I am surprised, although I shouldn't be, by the anti-American sentiment. We are a nation of over 300,000,000 people. Some, including policemen and judges, are not emotionally stable or even rational. Remember, the policeman was brought to trial. There are many, if not most, places in the world where that wouldn't happen. Why don't I hear these complaints when American treasure and lives are spent protecting you and others like you, which we have been called upon numerous times to do. If I am correct, you Australians and New Zealanders are still speaking English and not Japanese.

  5. I guess we are just as guilty in NZ. In America if you are black and poor then your rights as a citizen are greatly diminished. In NZ if you are an unborn child and are deemed to be an inconvenience to your parents then you are deprived of the right to life. The world is in a terrible mess, not just America.