Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's The Credit Card To Use When You're Miles From The Nearest Shop And You Need To Survive...

It's the credit card for when you're miles from anywhere and have the irresistible urge to survive. And of course you've got this thing with you. Haven't you. Haven't you!
Just for this moment.
So come on, get it out of your wallet.
What do you mean you've lost your wallet?
Oh good, you were kidding.
Now find a stick and those zip ties you've been carrying around in your pocket for months and make like you're a bushman. Or bushwoman.
And survive...


  1. They have water and gas valves out in the bush?

  2. An ax held together with a few zip ties doesn't look too robust to me.

    1. It's like a toy Sixbears for when you're playing at surviving...

    2. I agree with Sixbears. I think one good strike with the admittedly sharp looking axe blade, and those zip ties would be zipping off.
      Looks a bit sharp to carry in ones pack too. It definitily needs a Scabbard....Jennybee

  3. Keith, you certainly burst my confidence bubble with that silly ax. I thought I had all the survival skills necessary knowing I can call room service in 6 languages and be pampered in a lovely hotel in many countries of the world.

  4. Maybe you can get metal zip ties...not to mention all of the guys that would want to carry it--"just because" without ever actually needing or using it. :-)