Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Bizarre Beautiful And Brightly Coloured Houses Of Tiruvannamalai...

What do you mean,
you've never heard of Tiruvannamalai.
It's a small town in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu with a population of around a hundred and forty thousand people.
They have a wonderful appetite for colour.
Lots of it and the more bizarre the better.
There's more here about the little town with the bold architectural tradition that Frenchman Vincent Leroux photographed a while ago...


  1. How stupendously original with the forms and angles and wonderfully happy colours. Bet no one wakes up depressed living here.

  2. I love them. Much more uplifting than the average boring New Zealand house.

  3. Funny to read the words bizarre (here) and gaudy (in the linked article) for the colors, which are pretty normal where I live! Love how they are used and the building designs though, we sure don't have those.