Friday, June 5, 2015

It's A Big Bold And Beautiful Blue Housebus...

It's a big bold and beautiful blue housebus
and it's been traveling around the net for a while and perhaps the roads of the US even longer.
Well Mr Sharkey, ladies and gentlemen.
Who knows what when and where...


  1. That's the ultimate home on wheels for you, with the Tinny and Outboard etc on the roof.
    Have to take care not to avoid low overbridges.
    Maybe add a roof garden?....Jennybee

  2. You can always be counted on to provide interesting eye candy.

  3. This bus was featured on pages 148-149 of Roger Beck's book "Some Turtles Have Nice Shells". It has put in a lot of miles, but from looking at the travel map in Roger's book, many of them were not in the U.S.

    At the time of the book's publication, the bus had traveled the west coast of the U.S, the southwest, through Florida, up the east coast, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the British Isles.

    Over the English Channel, through France, Spain, Portugal, down to encircle the African continent, then through Greece, Turkey and a big loop through India and Pakistan.

    Of course, the travel itinerary might have been in reverse order, it's not easy to tell from looking at the photo. At least, I hope that the bus wasn't driven in reverse the whole way!

    1. Wonderful Mr Sharkey. I thought you'd have the answer. Thankyou. Yes I've just looked at Some Turtles Have Nice Shells and there it is in all it's polished glory. I wonder what it's doing now...

  4. That is in one of Lloyd Kahn's books, started Journey in Germany and has been all over. How ya doing Keith? We're good here, need your help to eat the garden. Equip the Tortoise with propellars and come on Up

  5. oops, I was wrong, I just knew ir was in a book I have, page 148 of "Some Turles have Nce Shells" Cheers, Lois

  6. Hey there it Seem to be the Bus of Dieter Bockhorn and Uschi Obermeier. He was a Big guy in red lightszene at Hamburg she was a Member of famus Kommune 1 at Berlin back in Late sixtys, she also was on Tour with the Rolling Stones Friend to Mick Jagger Keith Richards and Jimi Hemdriks.on that Trip trough the US Down to South America Dieter died in a motorcycle accident .

    H. P.

  7. Uschi Obermaier was/is very famous in Germany.The original bus of their Journey was restaurated, you can see it in the film about Uschis life (germ.:Das wilde Leben/engl.:High Time. The trailer: Uschi nowlives in California.