Saturday, June 13, 2015

Many Japanese Workers Practice Inemuri, The Art Of Falling Asleep On The Job...

Many thousands of exhausted Japanese workers, so intent on keeping their jobs and their bosses bottom lines, suffer from
acute sleep deprivation.
There's a increasing number of Japanese companies who encourage their workers to sleep on the job. They figure that if their staff can grab a few twenty minute power naps a day, they'll be even more productive.
And most workers, keen to show their bosses how committed they are to the company, adopt the practice of 'Inemuri' which literally means 'sleeping while present'.
Some workers even pretend to be practising Inemuri in order to show their bosses they are working hard. But there's an etiquette to Inemuri. The worker is supposed to remain upright.
If they can...


  1. Time to go back to rice farming and raku, methinks. Industrialism's past its prime. But at least they're not firing everybody, like they would here.

    1. I agree, Val...Jennybee

    2. The industrialised world has created an uncontrollable monster Val. As Piscator says, it's very sad...

  2. It seems people are working more and more for less and less with many countries having no hope of even old age security for the present generation when they get of age. Retirement age is being pushed to 67 soon and when the 25 year olds get to be 67, that number will probably be 70 by then.
    How good that in some countries like Japan a little cat nap is allowed but sleeping sitting up can hardly be refreshing. That guy sleeping on the floor of the subway proves that.

  3. Oooo.... thank you! Now when I fall asleep sitting in a chair, I'll just tell people "I practicing the Japanese art of inemuri."

    Of course, I most often do it waiting for a doctor or while a passenger...