Thursday, December 11, 2014

Where A Few Of The Rich Might Survive The Apocalypse...

When the end of the world happens one day soon,  there'll be a few paranoid but happy doomsday preppers who've paid a few million to Larry Halls for his retirement fund who'll be able to say to anyone who's still alive, we told you so.
Anyway, Larry has purchased some Missile Barns in  Kansas and is currently turning them into luxury doomsday shelters 
and survival condos.
He'd better hurry and get them finished.
From what I hear the end is nigh.
Could be Tuesday...



  1. I have heard of this place before. I think I will not take a huge loan out and buy a spot, but take my chances above ground. At my age, why plan for a long future. . .

  2. Never expected to live as long as I have so every day is a gift from now on. Whatever happens, happens. Good luck to the survivalists.

  3. Don't think I'd much care for the neighbors.

  4. Is there something rather sick about humans?

  5. Oh goodie, a fortress! I bet they have loads of yum-yums. Let's raid & take them.

    BTW, are these folks gonna grow taters or something, or are they planning to eat canned food until indigestion sets in? I hope they don't get depressed living cooped up down in that sunless hole. Methinks they are planning realistically NOT.


  6. I don't worry: one of TITO's atomic shelters is hidden under the "Donkey's hill" (Magarchevac) close to my house - to see the size of this madness take a look at a video:
    Croatia and the whole ex-Yugoslavia is full of Tito's underground shelters. If you wish take a look at FB "Croatia Infiltration", here they show the plan of Magarchevac
    Sonja, Croatia

  7. Tito could fly in and out of the mountain - look at ZELJAVA then and now:
    Citizens of this little Bosnia town Konjic (little horse) didn't know that inside their mountain was Tito's underground town, who could endure blast of atomic bomb many times stronger than Hiroshima's. Two years ago they've found it and converted it into a Museum:
    Recently discovered Tito's underground city below Pula has 40 km of tunnels and is now used for exhibitions, concerts and parties. Who is interested in seeing grandiosity of this madness can google ZEROSTRASSE in Pula, because it's the new name for this underground base. And island Vis too. Croatia Infiltration are 3 students who explore abandoned places and have FB, you can see a lot there and a lot is still unexplored.
    But the best of all are Bosnian pyramids, aren't they? Don't tell me that you haven't heard about them, please!!! :-)
    Greetings from sunny and dredged Croatia! Come and visit us in the case of Apocalypse, here the Tito's underground accommodation is open for everybody and, unlike our hotels, is for free!!!

  8. No oceanfront? Never mind. I've lived on top of the ground in Kansas before...the idea of living under it does not appeal either.

  9. The super rich bankers and politicians already have these.