Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Naked Cyclist Gets Fined. For Not Wearing A Helmet...

A naked cyclist in New Zealand's Timaru was fined the other day.
For not wearing a helmet.
In Australia and in New Zealand, wearing a helmet is compulsary and non compliance can result in a fine of  up to $3,000
And in another act of bureaucratic and judicial craziness again in New Zealand where stupidity is alive, well and thriving, a Marlborough couple were fined $20,000 each for not wearing helmets while driving their farm quad bikes.
It's a mad mad world we live in...


  1. Back in the day - viz., the 1970s - nobody wore a helmet, including us kids. How did our poor little craniums ever survive those horrific times? It was also typical for us to ride in the back of my dad's pickup truck while crossing the Golden Gate Bridge - no seatbelts, no nuthin. Oh The Horror!

    I'm not advocating a return to that, necessarily; but this business is just lunacy.


  2. BTW, in my time zone it's still Boxing Day, and hence is the 10th anniversary of the Asian tsunami. I want to pay my respects to the 230,000 people who lost their lives that day. I hope there 's a memorial for them somewhere.

  3. There are credible studies showing that wearing a helmet can cause more damage than not wearing one......

  4. When I was kid growing up, I road my bike all over the place and miles from home. We never heard of bike helmets and would probably never used them if we had. And yes, I took a few bad spills, but so far, I am still alive and kicking.

  5. The law is the law About time a cyclist got fined for no helmet

  6. I, too, rode my bike for miles w/o a helmet & I skated every day w/o a helmet or pads on my knees. I got a few skinned knees but that was part of it. A neurosurgeon friend agrees that sometimes a helmet is more deadly than a fall. I am old---somebody explain why these folks think other people want to look at their naked bodies? Jesus, take the wheel!

  7. I've been admiring his naked least the back view!