Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Time For A Change...

It's time for a change of thinking.
Try giving someone ten today...


  1. Tis the season for giving, right????

  2. Maybe they'll give him an iwatch? Unfortunately it's all just too true...

  3. Sorry to be cynical but we donate lots of food to the salvation army from our farm shop. Imagine my surprise when delivering the turkeys and veg last year to see practically every single one of the 'homeless and destitute' playing games on their smart phones(quite a few were apple ones too). The captain at the Sally Ann told me they now provide free wifi abd they come in so they can play online games.......

    1. Ro your cynicism is understandable...

    2. Gee, Ro, not to be confrontational, but most everyone in civilised society accepts that access to telephone communications and the Internet are pretty much mainstream essentials, not extravagant luxuries.

      If you were homeless and looking for work, how would you expect a prospective employer to contact you? General delivery at the local Post Office? Right.

      Internet access is offered at every social services agency I've ever been in the offices of for the same reasons (job search, affordable housing research, etc)

      iPhones? I wonder what you think happens to all those down-scale iPhone 3's and 4's that affluent people toss out to get the latest and greatest version?

      Online games? Would you rather they were clogging up street corners begging for spare change?

      Lighten up dude. Even Jesus had pity on the poor...

  4. Well Keith, I didn't give someone $10 today, but I sent flowers to the grave of a cousin who most of the family has forgotten and I'm loving my ever expanding family greatly, will write to you soon. Happy Holidays!