Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The White Rhino, Having Been Around For Seven Million Years, Survives Another One. Just...

The Northern White Rhino has been on this planet for around seven million years and its species has survived another one, just.
With the demise of the forty four year old named Angalifu at the San Diego zoo a few weeks ago, there are only five of these magnificent creatures left in the world.
Five. It looks like we're about to witness
the end of another species.
But who knows what next year will bring...


  1. I saw some- several White Rhinos in Africa in a guarded part of the Massai Mara in 1987. It will be a sad day if the species is doomed. All for some warped idea that their horn is an aphrodesiac for eastern men. how sad.

  2. Man is the supreme predator except he kills most of the wildlife by pushing them off their native lands and polluting the streams and rivers.