Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tim Berners Lee, The World Wide Web Inventor, Says Access To The Internet Should Be A Basic Human Right...

Sir Tim Berners Lee, the computer scientist widely credited with inventing the World Wide Web in 1989 says that access to the internet should be a basic human right.
A recent report shows there are billions of people, around four and a half billion, who can't get online and that government controls, surveillance and censorship are on the increase.
Tim I know you've got your own barrow to push but there are billions of people out there with no food or shelter, to my mind much more of a human right and necessity.
Let's get our priorities sorted...


  1. Anything that allows 'control' is going to be held on to tightly by the controllers.
    Food, shelter, water & communication are right up there on that list.

  2. . . . but I thought Al Gore invented the Internet?

    1. Evidently not Sixbears but I hear he speaks very highly of you...