Monday, December 8, 2014

The Grotto. A Beautiful Curvaceous Wooden Sauna On The Shores Of Lake Huron...

On the eastern edge of the lovely Lake Huron is the Canadian province of Ontario and on the west, the American state of Michigan.
Georgian Bay is at the north of the lake and that's where this simply beautiful prefabricated, yes, prefabricated wooden sauna is located.
And that's the geography lesson over.
The interior of The Grotto is a simply stunning piece of work by the Partisans Design Group for a private Canadian client. There's more about it here and here and when you're done there and worked up a good head of steam, may I suggest a quick dip in the lake...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Crafting the wood in those compound curves must be very labor-intensive, so this can't have come cheap.

    I could use a sauna myself. I'm fighting off a cold even in the mild California autumn. Toasting your lungs probably helps keep the bugs down. I'll skip the cold dip, thanks.

  2. How did they get that wood formed to all those curves?

  3. Superb. And what a setting......

  4. @ Dick - specially trained termites. They munch so far and no more, depending where you pencil the lines.

  5. What beautiful workmanship in a gorgeous setting. It must be breathtaking when the snow is falling outside while everyone is detoxing on the inside.