Monday, December 22, 2014

Some Day...

Someday you may be as old as I am.
Please take my advice and don't waste your short life. Invest your youthful vitality in your art.
Share the best of your spirit with the world.
Your body will die but you cannot die.
Don't worry about petty things like bodies, money and possessions, they pass with the body and are meaningless.
Don't worry about what anyone thinks of you. Don't seek approval except from yourself.
Your art and ideas are signs of your spirit.
Your beauty endures forever.
As you do...


  1. Well said and so true.

  2. If I looked like that, I wouldn't tell my age either. Is it a man or woman? My dad is working on 102 yrs. old and he looks like he could pass for this persons grand-kid.

  3. I am way too old to waste my youth. . .

  4. This wise person has a beautiful soul & a spirit that shines. Her physical appearance does not matter to her nor should it matter to others. Beauty is from within.

  5. A fantastic old lady... I agree bodies, possessions and money all pass but my spirit and soul will never die... Her advice is wonderful.

  6. I don't subscribe to beliefs in not-dying or consumerism. Release from bondage to temporal material values does not depend upon holding to afterlife myths. Life is brief and once it's over it's over. Get over it! And live well, (on a small income).