Sunday, December 7, 2014

It Appears That Costa Rica Is The World's Happiest Country...

It appears that Costa Rica is the world's
happiest country according to this just published infographic.
And Vietnam is almost as happy.
New Zealand comes in at twenty eighth, Germany forty sixth, Canada sixty fifth, Australia seventy sixth and the US one hundred and fifth ahead of Russia at one hundred and twenty second. Out of 151 countries.
Evidently Costa Rica citizens live long happy and sustainable life styles as the index measured life expenctancy, well being and the country's ecological footprint.
There's more to know here.
If you're not happy, move to another country
and perhaps you will be...


  1. "Happy", a tough thing to count but I live in a land far down the list so what do I 'really' know about any of this?
    It does look like there are more of the orange-red colors than the blue-green on the list...

  2. It looks like we should all should move to New Zealand to be happy, but if we all do, then I don't think it would still be as happy. Hey Keith, spread the cheer!!

  3. Intriguing. Why is Moldova a green Island in the middle of a sea of oranges. Why are Czechs unhappy, and Belgians and Dutch and Danes,....but not those living in Georgia and Armenia? I wonder what's behind it all....?

  4. Costa Rica doesn't even have an army. I wonder if there's a connection?

  5. I was thinking of moving to Costa Rica. This is definitely a factor. I'd like to build myself a trailer or a boat and take it down there. Or maybe go first, then build.