Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Quirky Little House On Wheels From The 1920's...

Paletool featured this quirky little house on wheels the other day, it had been sourced from Vintage Everyday, another very interesting blog for those who like to reminisce.
I've no idea what make or model of vehicle sits below the clever and innovative little house but it's evidently from 1926.
I don't remember it but it was probably
another good year...


  1. This would be a cute little vehicle to head a vintage car parade. It sure would attract a crowd. You never see anything like it except on the internet or in a magazine. A look inside would be fun too.

  2. I wonder if there's a drivers seat and controls behind that front window...... How curious that we've always wanted tp put our houses on wheels! Or put wheels on our houses....!

  3. It's a good little Camper. Or alternatively workers accommodation, say for mobile Lumber jack.
    Probably pulled by Traction Engine, or Horse to a perfect camping spot or work venue ? (I'm creative-guessing here..
    However it looks as if it has a motor and a drivers seat could be behind the front window........Bee.