Monday, December 1, 2014

For My Next Trick Says Artist Sven Sachsalber, I'll Find A Needle In A Haystack...

He doesn't look that happy but New York performance artist Sven Sachsalber had just spent forty eight hours looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack which Palais de Tokyo gallery President Jean de Loisy had earlier buried in the huge mound of hay.
I'm really glad he found it, I think...


  1. The seemingly impossible is happening every day. (well, almost)

  2. LOL... what people don't realize is that there was this tool, made out of wood, about 2 feet long and about an inch in diameter, that had a hole big enough to stick baling twine through, which was used to thread the twine through a bale of hay to keep it together when they only needed half. It was called, naturally, a hay needle, and people frequently put it down on the stacks of hay they were working with. With its size and composition, it tended to blend in with the hay.

    I tried to find a picture of one online, but that was like trying to find... nope, I'm not going to say it....