Thursday, December 4, 2014

Aged 84, Housebuser Bruce Embraces The Latest Technology To Enhance His Gypsy Lifestyle...

My friend Bruce has had five stays in hospital this year and has many reasons to be thankful for the technology that helps keep him alive.
But his liking of technology doesn't end there. His children gave him a laptop when he was a youngster four years ago and since then when he hasn't been freedom camping and kite fishing in New Zealand's Far North, he's been enjoying the challenges of the internet.
This Octogenarian has his latest smartphone seamlessly talking with his laptop and his GPS device that tells him how to get from here to there and which way the wind will be blowing when he gets there.
Young Bruce seems to be leaving many
of his peers for dead...


  1. Good old Bruce . He looks a chirpy sort of bloke (as does his mate in the cage .( They sure squawk a lot . I would have eaten it by now.) Camping and fishing in the far north . Sounds wonderful .

  2. Technology is great once you get the hang of it and so are you Bruce for keeping up with the youngsters. What the youngsters don't know yet is that only our outsides change but the insides don't. Wishing you good health and happiness from your admirer in Budapest, Hungary.

  3. Good for him, never too old to learn is a good attitude to have. Happy Holdidays to to you from me up here in Canada, yes we've had snow. only once and only an inch but more is forecast for later in the week