Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Few Of The Outstanding Images From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards...

As usual the Sony World Photography Awards give us an opportunity to view some outstanding images submitted already from around the globe.
Entries close in January 2015.
Andrew Suryono would be one happy man with his simply gorgeous and amazing image of this Orangutan in Bali using a banana leaf to shelter from the rain.
Jubair Bin Iqbal's image of a Hindu monk in a mango garden in Bangladesh. 
Arief Siswandhono's daughter overcomes her fear of the family cat.
An Ethiopian man collects wood.
And Gareth Lowndes was up early to get this image of a hot air balloon near Dubai.
There's more here.
The gorgeous little Orangutan does it for me...


  1. Yes, Have to say that the first picture is really the cutest.

  2. Yes the little monkey is gorgeous. But that cat and it's human look disturbingly similar - they say dogs look like their owners don't they? I think it applies to cats too...

  3. I Feel like that little orangutan in this weather we are currently having! :D .... and need to go find a fresh leaf now.

  4. It's perfectly understandable that one would root for the photo which features a family member as the subject...

    1. What you're saying I guess Mr Smarty is that this little fellow got his intelligence from your side of the family...