Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This African King Lives In Germany and Rules His Hoehoe People In Ghana By Skype...

King Bansah, ruler of the Hoehoe people of Ghana has lived in Germany since the 1980's when he came there as a foreign exchange student. When he was crowned king of his two hundred thousand subjects back in Ghana in 1992 he decided he and his German wife Gabriele would stay in Ludwigshafen near Frankfurt where he has a car repair garage.
Togbe Ngoryifia Cephas Kosi Bansah returns to his homeland to visit his people about six times a year, and while at home in Germany he rules his people using the telephone and Skype.
As any modern monarch would...


  1. Make no mistake, Ghana is a constitutional democracy.
    From the CIA Facebook:

    Executive branch:

    chief of state: President John Dramani MAHAMA (since 24 July 2012); Vice President Kwesi Bekoe AMISSAH-ARTHUR (since 6 August 2012); note - President MAHAMA assumed office due to the death of former president John Atta MILLS and subsequently won the December 2012 presidential election; the president is both the chief of state and head of government
    head of government: President John Dramani MAHAMA (since 24 July 2012); Vice President Kwesi Bekoe AMISSAH-ARTHUR (since 6 August 2012);
    cabinet: Council of Ministers; president nominates members subject to approval by Parliament.

    "King" Bansah is the ceremonial figurehead of the tribe Hoehoe and has no ruling or governmental powers outside of tribal affairs, much like a Native American "Chief"

  2. I hope they have all got internet! Maybe it is a basic human right after all.....

  3. He must be doing okay to last since the 1990's.

  4. I worked as an attache for Nigerian athletic national team at 1989. Universiade in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. After a week or two I was surprised when I've found out that all of them, over 30 students, were crown princes and princesses, oldest or second oldest children of ruling kings!
    They've explained that Nigeria had dual leadership: half of their govt. was the Army, and half was the council made of 40 ruling kings.
    The kings were sending their few oldest (or smartest) children to study law or politics in USA and England, so later they will know how to rule in "western" way. Also some of them had ritual scars on their faces, and they only pretended in front of us, the white ones, that they're NOT introduced in their old culture too.
    And they were their best athletes: winners of Nigeria, of the whole Africa, and some of them later I saw on TV winning the world cups. One Nigerian athlete was proclaimed "The most beautiful competitor of Universiade 1989." but each of them could have that title - they all were very tall and harmonic.
    After over a month with them I can say that all of them are real future kings and queens, as kings and queens should be: flawless beauty, bursting of health and strength, faultless behavior, highest moral, grown wisdom, perfectly educated - especially for ruling, sport, culture... I can say: I've met the kings.
    One of them, who became my friend, told me that he plans to stay in USA after he finishes his study (so I suppose that he was not the only one with such a plan). But he was the 2nd son and his older brother was supposed to be the king. If something happens to his brother so he can't rule after their father, my friend said he would go back to Nigeria and take the crown.
    (What happened with them later I don't know, as Nigeria had a bloody war.)
    When you know more information, then the story of African king in Germany is not strange at all. But it has not lost its magic. We, people of the "western civilization", have forgotten the meaning of true kingship.
    It is not the secret that all (but one, the 8th) US presidents are descendants of King John and Charlemagne, as well as they are relatives of all European royal families, but... how they look like... about their moral and goals I will not write. After all, their g-g-grandfather is depicted as the villain in the Robin Hood tales:-)
    Sonja, Croatia

  5. In the airline industry, as a Administrator of a major airline, I met so many kings & queens I couldn't keep up w them. Some expected/demanded VIP treatment tho flying on cheapest fares. They were great fun!