Sunday, November 30, 2014

Two Very Gorgeous Schoolchildren On The Sartorialist...

These two simply gorgeous Indian schoolchildren featured recently on Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist Blog.
Photographed on a street or narrow alley of Varanasi these two young fashionistas in their school uniforms are just too cute.
Look at him in his tight almost too small shirt and her shirt that's too big, her tie tucked into her belt, his pants that are a tad too short,
his collar, the striped ties and the checked trousers and skirt,
And the joy on their handsome faces...


  1. Lovely children......the little boy looks so proud.......I wonder if they are brother and sister..... What a story a simple photo can show!

  2. And from their cherubic, clean-shaven faces, we and tell that they've just come from the barber's...

  3. I have seen the same gorgeous children on the Indian Reservations in Ok & TX.