Saturday, November 1, 2014

More Than A Century Ago, Frances Jennings Found Happiness Through Simplicity...

The young artist Frances Jennings became a semi-invalid and was advised by her doctor to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors.  Being a Victorian lady at loose ends she chose to take to the road.
Her simple rig and good spirits served her well.
Frances was one of many enlightened souls who've found through the ages that the way to happiness is through simplicity.
Her delightful story appeared here on Paleotool's wonderful blog recently.
I build immense fires she said. 
That constitutes a great happiness for me.
I have a kettle-hook and a hanging pot and 
I buy food in the villages.
At the farms I find a plentiful supply of milk, fruit, honey, nuts and fresh vegetables. 
I build the fire by the cart with the donkey 
near at hand.
She admitted though, her Walden experience
was not always easy.
I find great excitement in the winter in hearing the storms raging about me in the black of the night but it's by the skin of my teeth 
that I'm able to exist.
But sit by her fire she did and dreamed also...


  1. You are going to end up with a donkey cart yourself one day, aren't you?

    1. I would delight in having a little home pulled by a mule rather than a donkey but there's too many road regulations around here at present. Life in general is too fast unfortunately. Who knows, maybe it will happen because it might have to and that would please me immensely...

  2. That animal resembles a fellow I know called Bottom.

    The donkey cart looks really small. If petrol runs short, maybe you could hook a gypsy wagon to a couple of llamas or something.

  3. Makes our old truck look like a palace in comparison. Thought we were living the simple life but fresh running water and a gas stove mean we are living like kings.

  4. What a wonderful woman. I wonder how she made money to live.. will have to to to "here" to read the rest of this great story.