Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Young Family Living Their Dream In A Caravan Are Having The Time Of Their Lives...

Jessica and Aaron have been on the road in their funky little caravan for a few months.
They could have waited as most people do before they followed their dream but they didn't.
They wanted to escape the rat race and they knew how important it was to live in the now.
They wanted quality time together and to grow as a family. It wasn't that they could really afford to financially but they decided that they couldn't afford not to. Finances they decided, had little
to do with their chosen way of life.
Giving their gorgeous little girls Ayla six and Skye five a life worth living was what they desired. They wanted a quality life and they wanted to be together.
Chasing the dollar to pay for a mortgage was not for them. They were not going to live lives of quiet desperation thankyou Mr Thoreau.
Home schooling takes up an important part of the day and then there's the rest of it which invariably turns into an adventure.
Aaron, a sought after Sommelier is able to get work at top restaurants and so they may be in one place for a time while he replenishes
the family purse.
Jessica, a graphic artist in another life, now makes children's clothes and beautiful wedding dresses which she sells in New Zealand
and overseas.
They've dreamed of a life worth living.
They're living their dream...

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  1. I am so impressed!!!.. Well Done!! May God richly bless you all and keep you safe and healthy.