Sunday, November 9, 2014

Quick Driver, Go As Slow As You Can To The Airport Please, I've Got A Plane To Miss...

There's the worldwide Slow Food Movement
and now in Japan's city of  Yokohama there's Turtle Taxis offering at the push of a button, slower, more relaxing rides to your  destination.
Pressing the button indicates to the compliant driver that you wish for a leisurely drive with less fast acceleration and no sudden braking.
The ecology minded are happy because each journey uses less fossil fuel and the new Turtle Taxis are said to be ideal for the elderly or pregnant passengers. Perhaps they drive so slowly it's possible to grow old on the way to the airport or have the time and the comfort to become pregnant...


  1. I love it. But knowing the traffic holdups the taxi would be travelling bumper to bumper at snails pace anway. Perhaps the slow Taxis are just being wise, giving their clientelle another reason for the slowness, and comfortable interiors to ease the ride. And of course they can charge more, I'm sure. Bee

  2. Yes Bee, perhaps you're right. It's clever marketing...

  3. The last time I was in a taxi was at Marathon in the Florida Keys. After a month on a boat doing no more than 6 knots, the 30 mph ride seemed crazy fast. I would so have pushed the turtle button.

  4. Having travelled on a bus in Japan from Kanazawa to Tokyo Airport, they do travel at a great speed on the very good roads. I think the Turtle Taxi sounds a great idea... More time to look at the fascinating scenery.