Monday, November 3, 2014

This Little Road In Niton On The Isle Of Wight Was Paved With Good Intentions...

Welcome to Undercliff Drive.
The little road on the Isle of Wight that was paved with good intentions.
Eight months after a landslide wrecked their little street in Niton and forced the evacuation of eight families from their homes, the local council hadn't lifted a finger to help.
So a group of volunteers got together and rebuilt the road in two days at a cost of twenty five hundred pounds.
That was when the council did extricate their digit from the proverbial to do more than just finger pointing. They who had sat for months on their hands, accused the locals of breaching health and safety issues and even trespassing.
The road that had become the one least traveled has become a battle zone between the wights and the wrongs...

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  1. Another example of government only getting in the way. They can't do anything but want to stop folks doing for themselves.