Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Goodbye World. Today Is The Day I've Chosen To Pass Away With Dignity...

Goodbye my dear friends and family that I love. 
Today is the day I've chosen to pass away with dignity in the face of my terminal illness... Goodbye world. Spread good energy. 
Pay it forward.
In April of this year Brittany Maynard was given six months to live.
Mid year she made the decision to move with her family from California to Oregon to access that state's Death With Dignity Act.
Oregon's law gave her the option to take life ending medication if her dying process became unbearably painful and before the tumor took over her mind.
Yesterday, before it did, this very brave and beautiful twenty nine year old woman died gently and peacefully at home in the arms
of her loved ones.
There's more about Brittany as an advocate for the right of the individual to die with dignity here.
Goodbye brave Brittany and thankyou.
Rest in Peace...


  1. It is hard enough when we older people are told we have a limited time to live ( I have been told that my chronic leukemia will kill me if I live long enough) but when young, vibrant people have a terminal condition, that is just way too sad.

  2. A year ago my yonger sister died. Four months earlier she got her diagnosis - a lung cancer with tumors spread all over particularly in her brain. It was hard to watch her lose her motor and mental skills bit by bit. So I understand Brittany Maynard so well. Her decision is to be admired and respected.