Saturday, November 15, 2014

Swiss Banker Andreas Pletscher Quits Counting Money To Pedal Around New Zealand...

There's more to life than money laughs the Swiss ex-banker Andreas Pletscher as he packs up his tent and minimum belongings to climb on his Cannondale to continue his ride to the Far North and New Zealand's Cape Reinga.
I caught up with him at the Department of Conservation's Uretiti campground recently.
Here was a man who knew the value of money but wasn't prepared to give his life for it.
Less is more he delighted in telling me.
The less I have to work to earn money to buy things I don't need, the more time I have to live a life I can imagine...


  1. Some people out there get it, some don't.

  2. Money is only as valuable as people make it out to be. To others it is a necessary evil.