Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two Very Rare Housebuses...

Two very rare housebuses.
The beautiful twenty foot 1977 polished aluminium Airstream and The Flying Tortoise,
a 1977 aluminium Bedford at twenty four feet including the rear storage boot and front carrier, that would look just as gorgeous if it was
ever polished...


  1. Back in 1959, I was invited to take a trip with my Uncle and his family in their Airstream travel trailer. Among other places, we went to a Wally Byam Caravan Club gathering. Can you imagine coming home at night and trying to find your trailer among the thousand or so that were parked in that large field. That one was held in Colorado. Most of them were trailers, but there were a few motorhomes.

  2. My parents, in the latter half of the 70s, were living in an UltraVan and attended their gatherings. Such fun!

    Unfortunately, after an accident, the 'Van burnt down and they moved to a Winnebago and then a boring, stick-in-the-mud, earth-bound house.

    I haven't seen an UltraVan for years. I wonder if there are any still out there?

  3. Love the shiny. Looks like a Moon rover. That's what I'd probably call mine if I had one.

  4. Yeah, right.

    Those of us in the know are fully aware that those two photos are opposite sides of the same vehicle. The shiny "airstream" side faces inland for the authorities to see and approve of, while the "Tortoise" side faces the ocean.

    Nice try, Keith.

  5. Keith, Ive had and loved Airstreams for years. That said, I'd take your Bedford any day... it has character! Long may she (and you) wave.

  6. The Bedford , however , looks comfy and lived in , like old shoes.....

  7. I'm learning to understand the different ways people see beauty. Now when I see something beautiful and huge and so not me, I can say - glad they are out here doing it! All that being said, I know what side I land on and it's not shiny.

  8. I like the not shiny side as well! It looks more relaxed, less rigid.