Wednesday, November 12, 2014

If Certain Countries Leaders Were Serious About Peace They'd Stop Making And Selling Weapons Of Mass Destruction...

It's a fantasy but it's not rocket science.
If the top ten weapon manufacturing and exporting countries, the US, Russia, Germany, France, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Sweden and the Ukraine ceased making armaments, the world would be
a better place.
It's a shame they don't walk the talk.
The reason these countries make and sell weapons is because of money. Masses of it.
In this fairy story we see the presidents and prime ministers of all these countries that manufacture arms, invited into a very large stadium, you know, like the Colosseum.
Then they are shot.
With their own weapons of course.
That would then self destruct.
And then the world would be a better place.
And we'd all live happily ever after...


  1. Ah... If only! What a great dream Keith.

  2. I'm terrified of the horrible image on your blog today. I believe that there already has been to much waste of blood and human lives. In my opinion there is only one way to go - with love. Love and forgiveness. Let's forgive the people who create the chain of murder. Let's forgive the designers of weapons, the industrialists, the factory workers, the ones who sell the weapons, the ones who carry and wear, the ones who demand to use them and the ones that use them. Let's work for peace as the beginning of the fairytale.

  3. Hanne, that's a great idea but sorry to say, and you probably know it too, that people who sell weapons are not interested in love and forgiveness. They have a product to sell and many out there are willing to buy. Hate and greed is what fuels supply and demand.

  4. You know Churchill advocated attacking Russia at the end of WW2 with Atomic bombs to finish Stalins regime off once and for all. Now while this is a horrible scenario consider the possible future that would have occured.
    The vast bulk of the wars since 1945 have been proxy wars between the USSR and USA. Without the USSR none of these would hav been necessary.
    The AK47 would not have been produced and sold to every tom dick and terrorist, millions of lives would have been spared. Not to mention the landmines and rocket propelled grenades of course.
    Iran and Iraq could not have had their terrible conflict.
    The cold war and nuclear proliferation would never have taken place.
    The US and others arms industries would never have had the level of investment that they got during the cold war.
    We'll never know but chances are it would have been a far better world with far less conflict.
    It is certainly food for thought!