Friday, November 28, 2014

The Barbershops Of India...

One of the world's oldest professions is carried out wherever in India. Whether it's on a couple of stones on the road, on a pavement, under a tree, in a hole in a wall, on the beach, a carpark or on the back of a truck, the innovative Indians without the interference of the west's beauracrats simply set up shop anywhere and everywhere there's a beard to trim, a solitary hair to cut, a close shave to be had
or a rupee to be earned.
Such colour, such a way of life.
Necessity dictates. Simplicity rules...


  1. What a series of lovely photos . India seems a bit grubby but the colour is wonderful . A feature seems to be the sexy pin ups on the walls . The first photo shows lots of near new very nice cars so there is a bit of wealth around . Barbers chairs vary and not all are that high but I loved the wooden one with blocks nailed to the four leg bottoms . Thanks for that post Keith I really enjoyed it . Cheers...Frank

  2. Considering how many of these customers are taking a shave, makes one wonder if anyone owns their own shaver or razor?

    Keith !!! I see an amazing business opportunity for you and the Flying Tortoise, and you wouldn't even have to move to India to start it up!

    1. Those blades are very sharp you know Mr Whisker and I hate the sight of blood...

  3. There is such a degree of intimacy I'd never thought much about in barbering - a feeling that got stronger (in my deranged mind) as I looked at each photo. Maybe barbers are my new clowns.