Thursday, November 6, 2014

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees But In Israel Electricity Does...

The seed of a great idea
has germinated and taken root.
Sologic has grown the very clever eTree.
They'll be sprouting up everywhere soon, but for now they're being planted in Israel's public spaces and will allow visitors to take a break, charge their devices and connect to the world wide web. Users will of course be able to do their online banking which could add value to the idea that money does grow on trees...


  1. Nice idea, and provides the minimum of shade.
    I would like to add the green shady sprouts and leaves of a real tree beneath the electronic limbs, to give real healing shade and respite from the electronic waves that the e tree brings.
    It's a nice concept for deploying solar panels as well, for domestic or comercial use....Bee

  2. Hummm... They don't look as good as the real mc coy! Will they benefit the environment? Absorb pollutants and release oxygen? Provide shade, lodging and food for all sorts of animals? The problem with all technologies including this one is that they are there to make money, not benefit the environment.
    I declare my preference for the REAL trees!!