Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Motoped Survival Bike. How Can You Live Without One...

I'm not into toys but I'd like one of these!
I can imagine it hooked onto the front or the back of The Flying Tortoise.
The Motoped Survival is a 49cc motor-assisted bicycle that gets up to 160 miles to the gallon.
Its racks and tie-on points can carry a lot of gear too whether it's a trip to the supermarket or when the time's right to make your way out
to the wilderness.
And beyond the beaten track.
There's more here at Treehugger.
I just checked my pulse rate and yes
I'm definitely excited...


  1. I wondered about pedaling it as a bicycle but that was just wondering, I like it!

  2. Hi Keith,
    I too took a fancy to the moped you showed on your blog this morning .
    Unfortunately it has a quality look about it which usually converts to dollars .
    Checking around for inexpensive mopeds I found an importer in New Plymouth
    who deals in Chinese copies of a well known Honda bike from a while ago . It is called a Moto
    For a brand new bike it is a good price full assembled and if one is a handy man it can be purchased in a box
    and assembled for a few dollars less. It has been modernised and has a 4 stroke motor etc. see website for details .
    It only weighs 79 kg so I can see it on the back of the Flying Tortoise .
    Cheers ... Frank

    1. Thanks for that Frank. I''ve been in touch with the importers and all up assembled and ready-to-ride the price is NZ$3,100.00.
      Their address is

  3. Ever heard of an e-bike? not dependent on fuel - you can power it off wind, solar, or whatever. or your genni if you do have fuel still.