Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What Do You Mean You Don't Have Your Very Own Private Island Somewhere In The Sun...

What do you mean you don't have your very own private and secluded island somewhere that you holiday at a few times a year.
I can't believe that you could be living such deprived lifestyles.
But I have to admit that on waking this morning,
I had a nagging feeling that something was missing in my life.
And then while chatting to my friend Harvey Jones over a coffee I realised what was missing.
What he had and I didn't.
It was so damn simple. A private island!
And the guy just looked at me aghast as if I was a second rate citizen and said, well it's about time you got one.
He's right of course. Harvey Jones usually is. And he's hard to keep up with.
So he suggested I have a look here and I suppose you will too.
I just won't tell you which one is my favourite
in case you beat me to it...


  1. I don't need to own an island, as long as there are plenty of them I can visit.

  2. Let's start an island village of happy stoners who write novels and put on shadow puppet plays. We'll plant a low-maintenance food forest, make plum wine, go sailing & fishing for food & fun. Keep a low profile, sing & dance a lot, and if rudely intruded upon get the intruders drunk on plum wine and take their boat keys after tying their shoelaces together. All friendly visitors welcome of course, but we have a strict immigration policy: you must consume at least one ounce of ganja per month, and those with shadow puppet play script-writing capabilities and other production skills get first consideration. Whaddaya say?

    1. Sounds good as long as it's not run by a committee...

  3. Yes... I can guess your favourite. does it have anything to do with fishing?

  4. I thought the whale island...but I promise I won't bid you up on it.