Friday, July 25, 2014

The Little Caribbean Country Of Haiti Leads The World In Solar Powered Solutions...

The little Caribbean country of Haiti,
the first independent nation of Latin America, has a colourful past, often fraught with internal problems from the time it was established after a successful slave revolt in 1804, is leading the world with it's pioneering solar application.
Haiti has just opened the world's biggest solar powered hospital in Mirebalais,
north of Port-au-Prince.
Quite remarkable for a little country where 20 percent of its population  of ten million people has no access to electricity.
Opening just last month, the 1800 solar panels they've installed generate enough power to run six surgical suites, enough to attend to over sixty thousand patients and already deliver more than eight hundred babies.
Maintaining electricity supply in hospitals is a matter of life and death and while it's fortunate that Haiti is blessed with a great deal of sunshine, they are showing the way
to the rest of the world...


  1. It's so inspiring to read this. It's not only wonderful for the people of Haiti, but also must reduce their CO2 emissions substantially. A plus for the environment and climate change effects. Wouldn't it be great if other countries could do something like this.

  2. Well done Haiti. A great achievement for a relatively poor country. Solar power is greatly under utilised in the world.

  3. If a poor country such as Haiti can go solar, why is it that many other countries who are much more affluent are still trying to convince people that dangerous atomic energy is the most cost effective?

  4. I have made 2 humanitarian missions to Haiti & there is still unbelievable poverty, children drinking filthy water animals urinate in, babies dying of hunger, horrible skin lesions & parasites. I hope the solar power REALLY helps these poor. There are very wealthy people in Haiti & people with nothing blocks away. 6 wks ago, it was still this way.