Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Could This Be The Greatest Wave Ever Surfed...

I believe this is the greatest wave ever surfed says photographer Brian Bielmann who couldn't believe his eyes when he realised he'd taken the shot of a lifetime.
So far nobody has disagreed with his comment, and certainly not surfer Nathan Fletcher who had trouble realising his head was still attached to his body and he was still alive.
It happened a while ago at the famed Teahupo'o surf break on the south west coast of Tahiti and the full incredible story is here...


  1. How exciting would that be?

  2. Well im glad there are people like that in the world. Although very fool hardy and BRAVE they give the restgof us something to marvel at but I would not lke to be their mother. Pip

  3. Um, can't we just go for a little belly-boarding in some nice knee-high surf? Otherwise I'll just watch from a safe distance, if its all the same to you.