Monday, July 21, 2014

Stunningly Beautiful Art Deco Design By Arlen Ness...

This stunningly beautiful piece of Art Deco is a motorcycle called 'Smoothness' designed by
the famous Arlen Ness.
This man, based in Dublin California is highly respected internationally for his beautiful motorcycle designs and Smoothness is said to be his favourite.
Even if you're not into motorcycling I'm sure you'll appreciate the pure beauty of this amazing piece of art on two wheels...


  1. Good grief. It reminds one strongly of Mike Leeds' B-702 custom automobile (scroll down to "Ledgends" [sic]). Probably makes sense, both Leeds and Ness are Californians, and possibly are acquainted.

    1. Another stunningly beautiful piece of art on wheels. Thankyou Mr Wellspotted...