Sunday, July 20, 2014

Photographer Sebastian Luczywo's Unique And Beautiful Images Of His Family's Life In Rural Poland...

Photography is my loyal friend says father of two Sebastian Luczywo who works as a business advisor but whose real passion is photography.
The family's photo album is full of wonderful amusing, sad, poignant, playful, honest, quirky and imaginative images of his wife Agnieszka and sons Jacek and Krzystof around their rustic home and rural community in a little village
in Eastern Poland.
The much loved family pets also feature in the images and sometimes Sebastian
will include himself.
Words aren't necessary and his unique way of storytelling is an art that will always have an appreciative audience...


  1. He certainly has an eye for an unusual setting. Some of the images are beautiful and evoke nostalgia for a way of life that it's good to know still exists. Fortunate children to have that life.

  2. These are just my kind of photos. Nothing is as boring as those family pictures where everybody stands in a row at attention and smiles the fake smile. This is a family with a sense of humor. Made my day.

  3. Thanks for sharing these stunning photos. Had you not shared, I would probably never know about this wonderful photographer's work.

  4. Love them , now everyone can change the wa they take family photos lol
    I bet it might be hard to get some to join in