Saturday, July 19, 2014

Somedays This Stupid Crazy World Disgusts Me...

Somedays, happenings in this beautiful but often disfunctional, crazy world totally disgust me.
Yesterday was one such day.
A warring faction in the Ukraine, by error or intent, in a moment of madness, shot down a civilian airplane with two hundred and ninety eight men, women and children on board.
To the friends and relatives of the passengers and crew aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, my sincere condolences...


  1. Very sad news that it's hard to make sense of. If anything good could come out of it perhaps it might be that Putin would now stop supporting these idiots.

  2. This is just horrible. What a tragedy. I hope nobody uses it as cover for escalating the conflict. The situation's plenty bad as it is.


  3. A real tragedy and such grief for so many families.
    However... Is it greed again? I did read in the Herald newspaper that all airlines had been advised back in April, not to fly over the Ukraine, but some airlines said they would continue to fly via Ukraine airspace because it was the quickest, therefore the cheapest route!

  4. Wouldn't it be super if more than once in a while there would be something good on the evening news? Especially here in Hungary since the Ukraine is a little too close for comfort.