Monday, July 14, 2014

Wildboy Brando Yelavich Is A Happy Man With Only About 500 Kilometers Left To Walk On His Coastline Circumnavigation Of New Zealand...

I met up with Brando again yesterday at Uretiti Beach, just about five hundred kilometers short of Cape Reinga in New Zealand's Far North.
He's a happy man having already  raised more than twenty two thousand dollars for Ronald McDonald House and walked around eight thousand kilometers on his epic journey.
But he's worried what he's going to do
when he gets to his goal.
I might have to keep walking he said.
I just love it...


  1. What an achievement! Go for it Brando......there's plenty more places in the World to walk!

  2. Hope you are getting a lot of press young man because we need more positive role models. This walk is sure to inspire people to do something for others. I applaud your parents too who raised you right.

  3. I can understand his dilemma of what next. Still loving it after all this time is amazing. Pip.