Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quirky Micro House Designer And Artist Jay Nelson Builds A Gorgeous 200 Square Foot Rustic House In Hawaii...

Quirky and fun designer and artist Jay Nelson is well known for his amazing creative and functional micro homes on wheels, up trees
and on the water.
Much of his work has been featured in Lloyd Kahn's Tiny Houses Book and The Shelter Blog, Tiny House Talk and other specialist on-line publications as well as here at TFT.
The thirty four year old Jay who lives in San Francisco has just completed this gorgeous wooden two hundred square foot house at Haena on Hawaii's Kauai Island.
This tiny rustic house is BIG and beautiful...


  1. What beautiful designs. The wood is just lovely......I would dream of having one of his constructions to live in.

  2. Very beautiful!! What does the inside of the wooden submarine look like?

  3. This is probably one of my favorite small homes ever! What a brilliant design. We've been debating about the bathroom (is that it under the stairs?). His other designs are wonderful as well, all very alive.

  4. House is gorgeous---& looks as if it's a Chick Magnet!

  5. Hi Keith just wondering if you got my message :)