Sunday, July 13, 2014

Britain. Big Brother Is Doing More Than Watching You...

David Cameron's government is currently rushing, some say railroading, surveillance regulations or an Emergency Data Law, through parliament that will commit internet providers and telecommunications companies to retain records of their subscribers for twelve months.
It's called The Communications Data Bill and with its passing into law in the next few days will see the passing of more of Briton's privacy.
All Briton's texts, phone calls and emails will be stored and retained for one year.
It really seems that the general British public don't actually realise what's happening to them. They seem to be sitting on their hands in silent resignation. In a few days there won't be many who are comfortable in that position but a revolt isn't likely. And their government will erode yet more of their freedoms.
It is, the politicians will say, for the good of the country, for the safety and the National Security of Mother England and if you've got nothing to hide the draconian legislation won't affect you.
But they would say that wouldn't they.
There will be many Britons who would trust the word of whistleblower Edward Snowden
before the word of any politician,
including David Cameron...


  1. A willing slave deserves his slavery, I just wish they couldn't outvote the rest of us.

  2. Problem is Britain has becapome a nation of sheep. I have long thought of it as a form of domestication. Just as the sheep in a field are surrounded by physical wires, people are caught up in a mesh of rules, regulations, laws , mortgages, car loans, constant brain washing about terrorism, unemployment etc etc. We are well fed and watered, the guard dogs are outside our fieldsfences to protect us and are not expected to worry our little brains with big things like freedom, or making our own decisions about anything more than what crap we watch on TV. And unfortunately for those who are not happy wth this kind of domestication, most people seem to be happy with their lot.

  3. Oh and I think the so called terrorists that are being used to cower the population into a permanent state of anxiety have been a godsent gift to the politicians of the so called free world nations! They shake them about like scarecrows with the support of the "free press" and everybody is happy to be protected from them.

  4. Yes is the 'terrorists' that are the excuse here.

  5. If Briton sets the example, how long before such a thing is implemented around the world?

  6. Firstly I'd like to say I'd trust neither Cameron or Snowden as far as I could throw them.
    Secondly Joel the so called terrorists as you refer to do exist and have committed and attempted to commit horrendous acts, you know exploding buses, cars, a beheading etc etc. Not to mention the thousands, and it is thousands, that have joined jihad in syria, Afghanistan, chechenya and others.
    The problem we face is that are saddled with politicians whos devotion to diversity and fairness trancends rational thought. Only certain sections of the population require monitoring require having their passports suspended butbthis would fall foul of the great god racism(though it is a political/religious ideology that is the problem). We do not complain or cry racist when football hooligans ar e tracked by the police or have their passports suspended but then this sensible measure does not raise the ire of the diversity at any price bunch. Until the we acknowledge the problem and that problem is behind ISIS, BOKO, the taleban, Hamas the list is endless. Until then asinine legislation like this will appear worldwide and yeslike any government power it will be misused.