Monday, July 28, 2014

Chris Morgan's Remarkably Detailed Macro Photograph Of A Tiny Hummingbird...

They're amongst the tiniest of the world's birds but the Hummingbird, so named because of the humming sound created by their wings, while hovering, around fifty times a second but as high as two hundred times a second when flying.
At speeds in excess of 54kph or 34mph.
Frontwards, backwards or upside down.
Chris Morgan specialises in photographing birds and was lucky enough while holidaying in Costa Rica recently to have these gorgeous Green Crowned Brilliants pose for him.
There's some larger images and links to his webpage here...


  1. What stunning photos. The feathers look like tiny scallop shells.

  2. I feed hummingbirds and just love their colors and their antics.

  3. What amazing creatures. I never cease to marvel at God's creativity when He created the living creatures and birds... On the 5th day... (If you believe the Biblical account of creation that is).

  4. Ehay exquisite beauty. Thanks keith. Pip.

  5. Great photographs! Taking photos of hummers isn't easy and he does a really fine job.